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Glenn the Glass Guy

GLENN THE GLASS GUY Intercept® Spacer System – Stainless Steel vs. Foam.

Meet Glenn the Glass Guy! Glenn is Vitro Architectural Glass’ (formerly PPG glass) biggest glass and window enthusiast! He knows that every component that goes into making a window is important. This includes what type of window spacer is used to separate the panes of glass. Join Glenn in his lab as he puts the Intercept® Stainless Steel Spacers to the test against foam spacers.

Strength and Aesthetics

Glenn tests the strength of a Intercept® Stainless Steel Spacer versus a typical foam spacer and explains why one looks better than the other when it sits inside a double pane window.

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Durability and Gas Retention

Glenn illustrates how the Intercept® Stainless Steel Spacer’s durability helps it to retain a window’s insulating gas with his microscope and a very common household toy.

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Thermal Performance

Glenn looks closely at thermal images of windows with Intercept® Stainless Steel Spacers versus those with foam spacers and sees something that may surprise you.

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So, in the Final Analysis...

Windows manufactured with the Intercept® Stainless Steel Spacer system are the better choice for residential windows. Not only do they offer the same protection against the elements as windows with foam spacers, they also are a stronger, more attractive and more durable choice for any home in any climate.

Learn more about the Intercept® Spacer System and why it’s what to look for in a window.