About Us

More Than Just a Window Glass Manufacturer

An American Tradition

Homeowners and contractors alike take comfort in the familiar. So it’s no surprise that for many, Vitro Architectural Glass (formerly PPG glass) has long been the brand you can rely on for residential window glass.

Founded in 1883 as America’s first successful glass manufacturer, PPG has been advancing the science of residential glass performance longer than any company in the nation. In 1934–long before the idea of “green” building came into vogue–PPG introduced the world’s first environmentally-oriented architectural glass, which is still widely used on office buildings, hospitals, schools and other commercial structures today.

A mere decade later, PPG unveiled Twindow®, the industry’s first double-paned insulating residential glass with the promise to “keep homes warmer in the winter and cooler in the summer.”

Together, We See Further

At Vitro, we know the key to our success lies in the strength of our partnerships. With a foundation formed on trust, teamwork, and shared excitement, the possibilities for impactful innovations in glass are truly endless. In October 2018, we introduced our new identity to the world. After all, we have a reputation for working together and looking ahead. Now, that reputation becomes our identity.

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The Promise Continues

Now, nearly 70 years later, amid a growing global emphasis on energy savings and sustainable building, Vitro glass remains more dedicated to those ideals than ever. Current Vitro glass brands such as Solarban® and Sungate® glasses are among the most environmentally advanced residential glass products in the world.

Developed in Vitro glass laboratories and formulated with highly sophisticated, proprietary coatings, Vitro glass window glasses are specifically engineered to block solar heat gain in the summer to help lower air-conditioning bills and trap heat in the winter so furnaces run less often.

What’s more, windows with Vitro glass provide the clear glass look that so many homeowners demand for natural outdoor views and the abundant daylighting that make living spaces brighter and more comfortable.

History Highlights

PPG Industries was founded in 1883 as the Pittsburgh Plate Glass Co. The company’s first plant, at Creighton, Pa., near Pittsburgh, was the first commercially successful plate glass factory in the United States.

1883 - The Pittsburgh Plate Glass Company is established in Creighton, Pa.
1910 - PPG builds its first glass research and development center.
1925 - PPG begins mass-producing sheet glass.
1938 - Herculite® tempered glass, more shatter-resistant than plate glass, is introduced.
1945 - Twindow® double-paned insulating glass is placed on the market.
1963 - PPG becomes the first U.S. glass manufacturer to use the float process.
1983 - PPG introduces Sungate® 100 low-e glass, the world's first temperable, MSVD, low-emissivity glass.
1989 - Sungate® 300 low-e glass is introduced.
1989 - Azuria® (formerly Azurlite®) window glass is developed, providing a low shading coefficient with high visible light transmittance.
1992 - Intercept® insulating glass spacers are developed.
1993 - Sungate® 500 low-e glass is introduced.
1997 - Intercept® DSE insulating glass technology is launched.
2000 - Solarban® 60 solar control low-e glass is introduced (formerly Sungate® 1000).
2001 - PPG introduces SunClean self-cleaning glass.
2005 - PPG introduces Solarban® 60 on Solargray® glass.
2005 - Extra-Heavy Starphire Ultra-Clear Glasses are introduced as standard product.
2006 - PPG introduces Solarban® 70 XL solar control low-e glass.

Efficient Windows Collaborative (EWC) Membership

Vitro Glass is a member of the Efficient Windows Collaborative (EWC). EWC provides information on the benefits of energy-efficient windows, descriptions of how they work and recommendations for their selection and use. The EWC is funded by the U.S. Department of Energy’s Windows and Glazings Program and by the participation of fenestration industry members.

To assist residential window manufacturers and homeowners with product selection, EWC has developed Window Selection Tools for New Construction and Replacement Windows.