Starphire Ultra-Clear Glass

See the beauty, not the glass.

Starphire Ultra-Clear glass by Vitro glass represents the ultimate in ultra-clear glass technology.

While conventional clear glass becomes progressively greener as specified thicknesses increase, Starphire® glass remains ultra-clear and allows true colors to shine through—even at thicknesses of up to ¾ inch.

And its unique blue edge adds a stunning and dramatic visual appeal to all types of customized decorative glass throughout the interior of your home, including countertops, tabletops, back splashes, shelving, doors, partitions, handrails and banisters.

When combined with a Clarvista® glass coating by Vitro glass for shower and tub enclosures, Starphire® glass maintains its superior clarity and brilliance for many years, without the dullness that can come from repeated exposure to heat and humidity.

Make an Informed Decision

As a homeowner, you’re making a significant investment in your customized interior glass. Compare Starphire Ultra-Clear glass by Vitro glass to conventional clear glass on clarity and color transmittance. Call your local glass shop and ask for Starphire® glass, the clearest float glass available, then visit to see the difference for yourself.