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Residential Glass Products: Peak Performance from Vitro Architectural Glass

Vitro Architectural Glass (formerly PPG glass) is committed to quality, sustainability and comfort. The company’s wide array of residential glass products suits any product or purpose and guarantees comfort in any climate. Vitro glass leads the glass industry with new technology that allows glass to be more durable, attractive, energy-efficient and convenient. With Vitro glass' low-maintenance specialty glass products, homeowners can focus less on cleaning and maintaining the products that make a home and more on what really matters, the people who live there.


What Can Vitro Architectural Glass Do For You?

Clarvista Glass for Shower Enclosures

Clarvista glass by Vitro glass is specifically designed for glass shower enclosures. A coating is fused to the glass, sealing the glass surface to provide a protective barrier. With regular maintenance, shower enclosures built with any of the available varieties of Clarvista glass can keep their “like new” look longer.

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Intercept® Spacer System Technology

The Intercept Spacer System with "Warm-Edge" spacers is the industry standard. It keeps heat from traveling through the window so homes feel more comfortable in any climate or season. In addition, the Intercept  spacer system by Vitro glass reduces condensation around the edge of the window and helps extend the longevity of insulating units.

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Starphire Ultra-Clear

While conventional clear glass becomes progressively greener as specified thicknesses increase, Starphire glass remains ultra-clear and allows true colors to shine through—even at thicknesses of up to ¾ inch.

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