Window Glass Performance

The Benefits of Energy-Efficient Windows

There are many benefits to installing energy-efficient windows in a home. Some of these benefits include:

  • Energy & Cost Savings
  • Improved Comfort
  • Less Condensation
  • Increased Light & Improved View
  • Reduced Fading
  • Lower HVAC Costs

Improve Window Performance

There are a number of glass-related options that window manufacturers can use to design energy-efficient windows in any climate:

  • Installing Insulating Glass Units can reduce convection and conduction heat loss.
  • Using Glass with Low-e Coatings, such as Sungate® or Solarban® glass can help provide higher performance and reduce energy costs.
  • Installing "Heavy" Inert Gas in the IG unit, such as argon or krypton, reduces heat loss across the air space by minimizing convection heat loss.
  • Using the Intercept® Spacer System by PPG helps reduce heat loss. The thermal performance of IG units can be enhanced by using a spacer material that has a lower energy conductance rate and/or has less physical mass, which equates to a lower energy transfer path.
  • Using Solar-Control Tinted Glass in a single-pane application or an insulating glass unit application will provide some degree of glare control and a faint color appearance. Tinted glasses typically block the solar energy by absorbing the solar heat and re-radiating it outside as well as inside. When used in an insulating glass unit (with the tinted glass glazed to the outside), most of the heat re-radiated towards the inside is captured in the airspace and is not transmitted to the interior of the home.

There are also many controllable factors outside of the window itself that can help improve the performance of a home’s windows. Items such as blinds, curtains and shades can help keep heat inside the home and cold air out. In addition, awnings on the outside of the home and trees also can provide solar control and will help keep a home more comfortable.

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